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Fluorescent Starters


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Capacitors - An electronic device that can store electrical charge to enable the start up of a lamp.  The capacitor is one of the main components of an HID Ballast kit.  





Ignitors - In order to start the lamp, an electronic component called an ignitor must be included in the circuitry of all High Pressure Sodium and some Metal Halides.  This ignitor provides a pulse of at least 2500 volts peak in order to initiate the lamp arc.  When the system is energized, the ignitor provides the required pulse until the lamp is lit.  It automatically stops the pulse once the lamp has started.  It also furnishes this continuous pulse when the lamp has failed or the socket is empty.  



Fluoresent Starters - Pre-heat operation requires the use of a starter. The starter causes current to flow through the filaments, heating the filaments until the starter circuit opens. After the starter contacts open, the high voltage is applied to the lamps, and the arc is established in the lamps.