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High Pressure Sodium

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High Pressure Sodium lamps are known for high efficiency, long life and reliability.  High Pressure Sodium lamps have significantly reduced amounts of Mercury and Lead, making them environmentally friendlier products.


Low-Pressure sodium lamps, producing up to 180 lumens per watt, have the highest efficacy of all commercially available lighting sources.  With a CRI of 0, low pressure sodium lamps are used where color rendition is not important but energy efficiency is.  They're commonly used for outdoor, roadway, parking lot, and pathway lighting.


Mercury Vapor lamps are designed primarily for use in general lighting applications where good efficiency and long life are needed and color rendering requirements are moderate.  Having an average rated lamp life of 24,000 hours means reduced maintenance and replacement costs, translating into additional energy savings by reducing the number of lighting fixtures needed per installation.


Metal Halide lamps represent some of the most efficient, long life light sources currently available and provide three to ten times as many lumens per watt as incandescent lamps.  Metal Halide products are known for their color control.